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Welcome to the imperial town of Bad Ischl

Hardly any other historic town succeeds in transposing its history to the present in such a lovely way as Bad Ischl. With its pleasant way of conveying history to the present day, the heart of the Salzkammergut offers you a multifaceted setting for adventures. Put simply, it is perfect for leisurely idleness, athletic challenges, intellectual and cultural flights of fancy and whatever else you enjoy.

You don’t have to browse through the history books to envision Bad Ischl’s royal past. You just need to take a leisurely stroll through the town. You will come across the vibrant witnesses to the past every step of the way, the prime example being the royal villa (“Kaiservilla”), where Emperor Franz Joseph spent every summer in his fog-free Bad Ischl for over six decades. Yet it also attracted many other characters who helped to turn the town into a cosmopolitan heart of Austria which still retains this character today. By winning the Entente Florale in 2016, it also proved that the town is the most florally adorned, most worth living in, in half of Europe.

A host of events
It is possible that you’ll soon be strolling on Ischl’s esplanade, on the waterfront of the River Traun. In the era of the emperor, it was artists such as Franz Grillparzer, Johann Nestroy and Franz Lehár as well as other celebrities that took this very path, leaving their mark on the present. The annual Lehár Festival is considered one of the most exciting operetta experiences in Europe. It is a must for discerning lovers of the little opera. Moreover, the people of Bad Ischl pack the summer calendar of events with a load more events for your enjoyment, such as in the form of daily concerts in the gardens of the health resort or in the historic pump room. Or contemporary art highlights in the Lehártheater, the imperial and royal wine festival, and the “Imperial days” series of events featuring a royal festival, a royal mass, a royal stroll, and much more.

A shopping mall beneath a blue sky
The royal stroll (“Kaiserbummel”) in particular is the perfect example of the spirit and busy informality with which the Bad Ischl locals tempt you to shop and eat out. The town resembles a spacious, bright shopping mall adorned with flowers beneath a blue sky where you can find many lovely things, especially prize exhibits typical of Bad Ischl. This includes local traditional costumes as well as modern hand-crafted jewellery through to traditional hats by the most famous, longest-established manufacturer in Austria. Not to mention the sweet specialities by Zauner, the confectioner and former purveyor to the court. Yet the town, with its mild, stimulating climate, also encourages a balanced mental and spiritual feeling and circulation-boosting activity.

An abundance of eventful moments
Immerse yourself in the extensive health and wellness services on offer including salt water applications in the modern EurothermenResort Bad Ischl. Take advantage of the wide range of various sporting activities and outings in the town and in the unique mountains and lake district around the town. This includes 200 km of hiking paths. One such hiking path takes you to the Katrin, the local mountain. You are rewarded not only by a hearty hut but also by a 360-degree panorama view of the Salzkammergut. The most attractive reward for mountain bikers is the cycling network covering approx. 1,200 km, which is accessible directly from Bad Ischl. Swimmers, sun worshippers and hobby anglers get their reward in the form of Salzkammergut’s around 70 lakes. Tennis courts, two indoor climbing walls, one golf course and horse-riding round off the sporting activities offered by the town. Should you intend to visit the surrounding area, Bad Ischl is generously sympathetic to your wishes.

In the heart of the Salzkammergut
As the heart of the region, Bad Ischl has a plethora of options at its disposal. The World Cultural Heritage site of Hallstatt, with the oldest salt mine in the world, is but a 20-minute drive away. A similar drive away are the porcelain town of Gmunden, Bad Aussee and Altaussee, where an impressive mountain panorama road takes you up to the Loser. Naturally, the Mozart city of Salzburg suggests itself as a destination, located only 55 km away as it is. Yet wherever you may roam – Bad Ischl awaits your return!

Winter Wonderland
In winter, take the time to treat yourself to a visit to Bad Ischl, enriching your time with an unknown quality. Right in the heart of the Salzkammergut, it is not about taking advantage of time, but instead about simply enjoying each and every moment. Look forward to a lovely winter wonderland and the array of delights both large and small which the royal town has in store for you in the white season.

When is the perfect time to visit Bad Ischl? That’s easy – any time! For the town located in the middle of the unique natural landscape of the Salzkammergut will fill you with enthusiasm at any time of the year with its unique charm and its diverse nature. A diverse nature the likes of which is particularly pronounced during the winter – if indeed hard to believe. Once you are there, Bad Ischl reveals its shiny white blanket of snow. Underneath it, a unique world of adventure unfolds to meet your individual wishes, longings and preferences, ensuring the utmost enjoyment.

Relish your holidays in a town surrounded by any amount of options. Home to a good pinch of culture and close to magnificent skiing areas. Boost your health in the lovely EurothermenResort, or travel the surrounding mountains and natural alpine pastures by ski or snowshoes. Look forward to visiting a town, which has preserved its typical customs. In which a dining culture offering the utmost in variety is not characterised by noisiness, but rather extends the hand of friendship to offer you a place at the table.