© Esplanade in Bad Ischl mit Baumallee, Fluss Traun im Vordergrund, markante Häuserfassaden und Kirchturm, Berge im Hintergrund
Esplanade mit markanter Häuserfassade in Bad Ischl. Im Vordergrund der Fluss Traun. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Turm der katholischen Kirche und die umliegenden Bergwelt.

Running in Bad Ischl

Running is very popular in Bad Ischl and the rest of the Salzkammergut. Several running events take place every year from Whitsun to the end of October. In addition to these events, we also provide information here about the most popular running routes in and around Bad Ischl.

Running events in Bad Ischl

The running season starts every year on Whit Monday with the Pfandler Dammlauf. Further events follow until October, where the Salzkammergut Marathon with its 42 kilometres marks the end.

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Pfandler Dammlauf

7.4 kilometres

Every year on Whit Monday, the Pfandler Dammlauf is organised by the DSG Union Raiba Pfandl.

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21.10 kilometres

A permanent fixture in Bad Ischl's running calendar for over 20 years. Since its 20th anniversary, the run has been held in a city event format.


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Katrin mountain run

4.5 kilometres, 943m difference in altitude

One of the most beautiful mountain runs in Austria takes place every year in June. For over 25 years, runners have started at the foot of the Katrin mountain and crossed the finish line at the mountain station at 1,415 metres.


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42.195 kilometres

Since 2011, the Salzkammergut Marathon has been held as one of the races as part of the Wolfgangsee Run. The start is in Bad Ischl, the finish is in St. Wolfgang.

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17 kilometres, 900 metres in altitude

The youngest of the Ischl runs has been held in Perneck since 2019.


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Bad Ischl is looking for the running emperor and empress
Every runner who crosses the finish line at all 3 #badischllaeuft events has the chance to win the title of the year and a great prize for each dignitary.

The Int. Mondsee-Halbmarathon, the Traunsee-Halbmarathon, the Bad Ischl RE/MAX KAISERLAUF and the Int. Wolfgangseelauf organise the Salzkammergut-Laufcup.