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Blick auf die verschneite Esplanade und den Traun Fluss im Winter.

Imperial Bad Ischl

Here you can find out interesting facts about the imperial family in Bad Ischl and the annual celebrations surrounding the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph I on August 18th.

Imperial Bad Ischl

The emperor celebrated 81 birthdays in his summer residence. In honor of Franz Joseph I. Bad Ischl celebrates its most famous guest every year.

The Habsburg Family in Bad Ischl

Emperor Friedrich III elevated Ischl to the status of a market in 1466, while Emperor Maximilian I confirmed the granting of a coat of arms in 1514. Emperor Ferdinand I opened the underground mining of the Ischl salt mine in 1563.

The Imperial Days

Where else but in Bad Ischl, His Majesty's favourite summer residence, could Franz Joseph's birthday be celebrated more worthily?
With a lot of charm, a little nostalgia and a healthy pinch of ironic entertainment, the imperial town serves up a colourful cocktail of hospitable festive mood around the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph.
Every year, many celebrities from the worlds of sport, art, politics, business and society are spotted around picturesque Bad Ischl in Lederhosen and Dirndl. Numerous traditional clubs, music bands, regimental delegations, rifle companies and many more mingle with the well-wishers every year.