© Esplanade in Bad Ischl mit Baumallee, Fluss Traun im Vordergrund, markante Häuserfassaden und Kirchturm, Berge im Hintergrund
Esplanade mit markanter Häuserfassade in Bad Ischl. Im Vordergrund der Fluss Traun. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Turm der katholischen Kirche und die umliegenden Bergwelt.

The Ischl Gulden

Bad Ischl thrives on lasting values and enduring beauty. Majestic without being sublime, the imperial town offers a colourful mixture of joie de vivre and living tradition. This great splendour is also reflected in its own shopping currency - the Ischl Gulden.

Its flair stems from the imperial era, while the present gives it life: The businesses in Ischl's city centre trust the value of our coin made of the finest Nordic gold, thus elevating the Gulden to the status of the imperial city's official means of payment. Beautiful motifs and excellent manufacturing quality as well as the availability of coins in denominations of 10 and 20 euros make it the ideal gift for any occasion.

Attention: The Ischl Gulden is not accepted at chains such as Takko, Merkur or Hofer!

The Gulden can be purchased here:

  • Tourist office, Auböckplatz 5
  • Salzkammergut Touristik, Götzstraße 12
  • at the banks in Ischl

The Gulden as a gift

The shopping coin is accepted as an official means of payment in over 90% of the businesses in Ischl. So when it's time to decide what to give as a present, it's best to choose the Ischl Gulden.

Shopping in Ischl