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Places of Happiness

Cultural and sacred places, natural place, places of legend

In general, we understand places of happiness to be those unique places that are visited for the unfolding of inner sensitivity and self-discovery.
These places serve the journey to oneself. They are characterised by the fact that they evoke special harmony within us, awaken pleasant memories, give rise to pleasant feelings and allow us to feel joy. But they can also be places that have markedly changed the course of our lives.

Cultural and Sacred Places

Knowing the power of places

Today, sacred places are mostly Christian monuments such as churches, monasteries, chapels or wayside shrines. Christians mostly used places that older cultures had already used for special ceremonies or ceremonies that were sacred to them. Monasteries and churches, for example, were often built on the ruins of Roman foundations. In this way, knowledge of the power of some places has been continuously transferred over the centuries and used for architectural monuments.


Natural place

Exceptional visual landscape experience

An impressive tree, a fascinating river course or a touching view etc. are striking for a natural place. In these places, one can also observe the interplay of the four elements - air, earth, fire and water - very well. When these four elements are felt in a balanced relationship to each other, a special feeling of harmony with and for this natural place arises in us.


Places of legend

Recognise power and mysticism

Nowadays, the knowledge of legendary places is mostly only in old people, who in turn have been told exciting and scary stories by their ancestors. When we visit these places, it is not easy at first to recognise special features. Only the knowledge of these old stories stimulates the imagination and allows us to recognise the power and mysticism of legendary places.

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