© Esplanade in Bad Ischl mit Baumallee, Fluss Traun im Vordergrund, markante Häuserfassaden und Kirchturm, Berge im Hintergrund
Esplanade mit markanter Häuserfassade in Bad Ischl. Im Vordergrund der Fluss Traun. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Turm der katholischen Kirche und die umliegenden Bergwelt.

Packages and offers in Bad Ischl

The town in the midst of the unique natural landscape of the Salzkammergut knows how to inspire you with its special charm and diversity at any time of the year. Enjoy your vacation in a city that is in the center of all possibilities! Where a lot of culture is at home and beautiful Salzkammergut lakes are very close by. Enjoy a town that has preserved its true customs. And in which a highly varied gastronomy invites you to the table not with a loud roar, but with all friendship.

Welcome to Bad Ischl!


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