© Esplanade in Bad Ischl mit Baumallee, Fluss Traun im Vordergrund, markante Häuserfassaden und Kirchturm, Berge im Hintergrund
Esplanade mit markanter Häuserfassade in Bad Ischl. Im Vordergrund der Fluss Traun. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Turm der katholischen Kirche und die umliegenden Bergwelt.

Malort RaumZeitFarbe

Bad Ischl, Oberösterreich, Österreich

The painting game ( (c) Arno Stern) for everyone from approx. 4 - 99 years in a relaxed, non-competitive and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Annual course, semester course, individual visits and painting days

Painting brings colour and joy into everyday life, promotes stamina and concentration, helps to relax and reduce stress and strengthens the personality.
The joy of creative endeavour is at the forefront.
No previous knowledge required!

Children today are flooded with an external world of images. Only rarely do they have the opportunity to express their inner world of images undisturbed. The painting centre offers a protected environment in which everyone can paint - free from external influences, free from the judgemental and questioning gaze of outsiders, free from instructions and themes and free from expectations.

The painting space offers the ideal framework for rediscovering and developing one's own individual way of expression, or, in the case of children, for maintaining and enabling their original spontaneity and enthusiasm for painting.

Practised and unpractised, experienced and inexperienced painters, and above all people who do not think they can paint, are very welcome in the painting place. There is no comparison, interpretation, analysis or artistic judgement in the painting place. Everything that happens in the painting place is free of judgement! Everyone who enjoys painting, wants to be creative and is curious to try something new is welcome.

For adults, the painting centre offers a break from everyday life, promotes relaxation and helps to reduce stress. In order to really immerse yourself in the painting game (© Arno Stern), it is advantageous to visit the painting centre regularly (once a week) over a longer period of time.
The colouring game promotes self-confidence and self-assurance and strengthens the personality of children and young people. External recognition is very important to most people. In the painting centre, the aim is to bring "one's own inner recognition" back into the foreground through one's work. Consequently, what is experienced in the painting centre also has a positive effect on other areas of life.
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Malort RaumZeitFarbe
Maria-Theresien-Weg 1
4820 Bad Ischl

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Mrs Birgit Schwendtner, Mag.art

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