© Esplanade in Bad Ischl mit Baumallee, Fluss Traun im Vordergrund, markante Häuserfassaden und Kirchturm, Berge im Hintergrund
Esplanade mit markanter Häuserfassade in Bad Ischl. Im Vordergrund der Fluss Traun. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Turm der katholischen Kirche und die umliegenden Bergwelt.

Parks and recreation

Bad Ischl has several parks and recreation areas that are popular with locals and guests alike.

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Music is in the air

The Kurpark with the Music Pavilion and the Kongress- and TheaterHaus is located in the centre of Bad Ischl. In addition to a playground, there are also several wooden loungers on which you can relax and listen to the spa music as it plays in the pavilion. The park is also a venue for events. For example, the annual k.u.k. Wine Festival and the European Street Food Festival. Every year in July and August, the Lehár Festival can be heard and seen in the Kongress- und TheaterHaus.

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Local recreation on the edge of the centre

In the course of the Upper Austrian State Garden Show 2015, the Sisipark in Kaltenbach was completely redesigned. Among other things, a tributary of the Traun was renaturalised and now flows through the park again. In addition, two playgrounds were also created. The large green spaces and walking paths to the left and right of the small river course are very popular with locals and guests.

© Brunnen im Rudolfspark ©Stadtamt Bad Ischl

Der Rudolfspark

The little gem

The Rudolfspark is located between the Catholic parish church, the EurothermenResort and the post office. Because of the many trees and the small fountain, it is an ideal place to linger and escape the sun for a moment, especially on hot days. In the park there is also a monument to Archduke Rudolf, the Cardinal Archbishop of Olomouc, who was one of Bad Ischl's most prominent spa guests.


The Leschetizkyhöhe is a vantage point dedicated to the musician Theodor Leschetizky. He spent many summers in Bad Ischl, and the small hill with its beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, forests and meadows was also very popular with other great artists such as Johannes Brahms.


Sterzens Abendsitz

The resting and viewing place donated by Dr. Sterz - a friend and colleague of Dr. Wirer - is one of the few places that has hardly changed over the years. It has been a natural monument since 1980 and is just as popular with spa guests today as it was over 100 years ago.

© Nussensee im Herbst ©www.badischl.at, Leitner Daniel
Nussensee in Bd Ischl im Herbst


The Nussensee is a 10.4 ha mountain lake with a maximum depth of 18 metres and is entirely designated as a nature reserve. Surrounded by forest, it is an idyllic gem which is very much appreciated by locals and guests.