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Places of Happiness

Generally, Places of Happiness are unique spots that are visited to develop an inner sensitivity and for self-discovery.
These spots facilitate a journey to the self. Places of Happiness are spots that evoke a special harmony, bring back pleasant memories create soothing feelings, enable us to feel joy…or spots that have the capacity to change the path of one’s life strikingly.

Cultural and Sacral Places

Today you can find mostly Christian monuments such as churches, monasteries, chapels or sculptures on sacred places. The Christians used mostly places, which had already used by older cultures for special or sacred ceremonies for them. Monasteries and churches, e.g. were built on ruins of Roman foundations. Thus the knowledge of the power of many places has been continuously transferred over the centuries and has been used for architectural monuments.

Natural Places

An impressive tree, a fascinating river or a touching view, etc. are striking for a natural site. The interplay of the four elements - air, earth, fire and water - can also be observed very well in these places. When these four elements are in a balanced relationship, a special sense of harmony with and for this natural place is created within us.

Mythical Places

The knowledge of legendary places is nowadays mostly only found in old people, who have been told exciting and eerie stories by their ancestors. When we visit these places, it is not easy to recognize peculiarities at first. Only the knowledge of these old stories stimulates the imagination and lets us recognize the power and mysticism of legendary places.