It's all about the Kaiser!

Emperor´s Train

15th August 2016 Each year Bad Ischl welcomes the Emperor's Train. The steam driven train, with historic wagons, arrives ...

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Kaiserbummel – an Imperial Stroll

17th August 2016 - Centre of Bad Ischl In Bad Ischl the customer is Kaiser Every year on On 17 August Bad Ischl rolls ...

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Bad Ischl Brass Band’s Imperial Party

15 th August 2016 - Kurpark Bad Ischl Once again the annual Imperial Party, on 15th August , welcomes visitors ...

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Imperial mass

18th August 2016 - catholic parish church
Like at the time of the Habsburgs each year on 18th August, the occasion of the Kaiser's birthday, an "Imperial Mass" is celebrated in Bad Ischl..
Thousands of visitors line the roads when members of the Habsburg family, former noble families and delegations of traditional regiments from the former crownlands as well as several militias betake themselves to mass.
Before the service the delegations form up and the commander of the parade reports to the Habsburg Family and asks for further commands. When Archduke Markus has inspected the honour guards the flag bearers enter the festively decorated church.
During the following service the Imperial Hymn is sung. After the service the regiments, headed by the Bad Ischl Bürgermusik brass band, march to the Kurpark to pay homage to their majestic highness Archduke Markus Salvator of Habsburg Lothringen. Afterwards there is a reception for invited guests, yet there is also plenty to see for the many onlookers.

9.00 a.m.: presentation of the regiment, report to mayor Hannes Heide and Archduke Markus in front of the parish church
10.00 a.m. mass, afterwards presentation at about 12.00 a.m.
11.15 a.m. march to the Kurparak and reception


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Emperor Golf Tournament

18th August 2016 - Salzkammergut Golfclub

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Emperor´s Night and Emperor Franz Meeting

18th August 2016 - Lehártheter Bad Ischl
Tradition meets modern times at the Emperor’s Night
On the 18th of August Emperor Franz Joseph I would have celebrated his birthday! This is the reason why in his beloved summer residence Bad Ischl will celebrate a big birthday party.

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